I am driven by a deep commitment to the creation of organisations where people and performance can truly thrive. I love working with courageous leaders to grow themselves, to grow others and grow their organisations.

I believe that we all have deep wells of potential within us however, most days at work we are merely skimming the surface. To unlock the collaboration, courage, creativity and compassion we so desperately need, we must learn how to skillfully activate human potential at work.

I have enjoyed a successful leadership career having spent over two decades leading teams in large multi-national organisations, including Bupa where I held the role of Global Director of Employee Engagement & Wellbeing and was responsible for the activation of Bupa’s purpose “Longer, Healthier, Happier Lives” for 86,000 employees around the globe. Today, in addition to running my own business, I am a Thrive Global Coach and Facilitator.

I create value through…

Powerful one-on-one coaching that supports my clients to successfully navigate challenges whilst remaining true to themselves. I help clients to transform their performance, reclaim their sanity, boost their vitality and experience their work as a form of productive play.

Dissolving friction and frustration to deliver better customer and commercial outcomes and empower, connect and enable people

Surfacing the armour, limiting beliefs and unwritten ground rules that destroy innovation, collaboration, creativity and trust (and drive people crazy) to create thriving, high-performance leaders and cultures

Moving beyond tokenistic gestures to underpin performance with well-being, to create sustainable growth

Mitigating insularity risk by building the capability to listen, learn and respond to feedback from employees and customers at scale, ensuring leaders stop drinking their own Kool-Aid

Recent engagements

It was wonderful to be part of a podcast series with Transport for NSW that created accessible and engaging content to reinforce their “Five Ways of Leading” . In this podcast (Episode 2 – Resilience!) I share my top tips how leaders can take care of themselves in order to take care of those they serve. The topics I cover include; illuminating sabotaging beliefs, honouring non-negotiables and prioritising sleep. I also talk about the dangers of leaders wearing the “ busy and important badge”. Listen to the podcast here: https://fivewaysofleading.com.au/podcasts#

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to host a 30 minute webinar hosted by The Agile Eleven.
I shared my top tips for staying well and reframing challenging times as periods of radical personal growth.

Other recent engagements include…

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