About Me

My Experience

I am a mindful executive, coach, speaker, facilitator, writer and thought-leader with international experience across five industries. I have spent over 20 years working within the corporate “system”  as innovation catalyst and zest activist.

My core areas of expertise include;

  • Customer + Employee Experience Design
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Feedback Response Systems (for customer and employee feedback)
  • Process Simplification (Lean Six Sigma)
  • Voice of Customer & Voice of People
  • Zest (writer and thought-leader)

The question that drives me is: How might we take better care of ourselves and our people, so that we can take better care of our customers and communities?

My Guiding Beliefs

  • We must take care of our people in order to take care of our customers
  • When we are our best, work feels like productive play
  • Wellbeing is the foundation of performance
  • Thriving leaders are the nucleus of thriving organisations
  • Building the capability to listen, learn & respond to feedback (from customers & employees) is the cornerstone of sustainability
  • We have the opportunity (and the responsibility) to re-design workplaces around an intent to unlock human potential

My Work

Employee + Customer Experience Design

  • Designing great employee experiences to underpin the sustainable delivery of great customer experiences
  • Identification and measurement of the key employee episodes that drive performance and advocacy
  • Understanding linkages between employee experiences and customer/commercial outcomes

Feedback Response Systems

  • Design, testing and installation of enterprise-wide systems to listen, learn and respond to employee/customer feedback (technology selection plus organisational capability and mindsets)
  • Supporting the leadership mindset shift required to become a learning organisation
  • Design and installation of simple, contemporary customer and employee feedback mechanisms

Performance Through Wellbeing

  • Workshop design and facilitation across the key domains of employee wellbeing
  • Thriving Leaders = Thriving Organisations – workshops and keynote presentations
  • Building Inner Resources – workshops and keynote presentations

Applied Mindfulness For Performance

  • Mindfulness For Performance – workshops and keynote presentations
  • The Power of Congruence – workshops and keynote presentations

Applied Neuroplasticity For Performance

  • Harnessing The Power of Neuroplasticity – workshops and keynote presentations
  • Reprograming Self-Limiting Beliefs – workshops and keynote presentations

My Story

I was born in 1975 in Sydney, Australia.  Throughout my formative years, my father suffered terribly from workplace-related stress.  His suffering had a profound impact on me and our family.  It is the ‘why’ behind my deep commitment to the creation of workplaces where people and performance can thrive.IMG_3129

With the benefit of hindsight, I can now see that for the first decade of my corporate career I was propelled by a force that was beyond my control – a need to strive, to achieve and to constantly prove myself.

I was recognised as ‘top talent’, winning awards and being promoted. However, deep down I often felt like I was on an out-of-control roller-coaster ride.  I wanted to get off… but I did not know how.

At a certain moment in my 30’s it became clear to me that this way of being was not sustainable – and was incompatible with thriving.

Participating in a Women’s Leadership Retreat was a pivotal experience for me.  At the retreat I realised how many high-performing women were struggling with feelings of not having real value – of not being enough. I formed a hypothesis that many successful leaders who rise to the top of their profession are driven by high achiever attributes and are propelled by a hidden darkness – feelings of low self-worth. I realised that feelings of low self-worth are common and that these hidden feelings create many dangerous self-limiting beliefs such as “In order to succeed, I must suffer” , “I am not worthy of thriving” “I have to have all the answers” or “I have to be in control“.

Over the last 10 years of my career I have been learning, testing and sharing mindful, sustainable ways of being and working. I have learnt to de-couple my sense of worth from my professional status and achievements. I have learnt to hold things more lightly – whist still maintaining my passion to make a real difference. I have reconnected with my sense of play and I am proud to say that today I prioritise self-care without apology.

I am passionate about playing a role in helping other people to overcome their own self-limiting beliefs and supporting people (and teams) to thrive and reach their full potential.