How I Create Value

I help to activate human potential at work. I love supporting courageous leaders to grow themselves, to grow others and grow their organisations.

I am a high-vitality, straight-talking courageous leader driven by a deep commitment to the creation of organisations where people and performance can truly thrive.

It is my strong belief that human potential is the most under-utilised source of value in business today. To unlock the collaboration, courage, creativity and compassion we need to create thriving, high-performance organisations, we must become much better at skilfully and intentionally activating human potential in the workplace. We must rise above the outdated idea of ‘optimising head-count’ to inspire heart-count.

I love to partner with courageous leaders to support them to uncover and navigate their path to unlocking human potential, inspiring heart-count and creating sustainable high performance.

My intention through my work is to uncover, illuminate and amplify the courage, insight and wisdom that already exists. I achieve this by creating powerful interactive experiences that blend my lived experience with the latest science and ancient wisdom, all brought to life with relatable stories.

I offer strategic advisory services, masterclasses, keynotes, workshops and leadership coaching.

I help organisations through…

Creating high-performance cultures – Through a dual focus on cultivating both vitality and sanity enabling the leadership and employee experience outcomes required to deliver great customer and commercial outcomes.

Transforming employee experiences – Eliminating friction, frustration and waste to underpin great customer experiences with great employee experiences.

Mitigating insularity risk – Building the capability to listen, learn and respond to feedback from employees and customers, to ensure you are not ‘drinking your own Kool-Aid’.

I help courageous leaders through…

Strengthening self-leadership – Understanding and overcoming limiting beliefs so that work feels more like productive play.

Creating personal sustainability – Embedding a new way of being that creates greater harmony and underpins performance with well-being.

Growing courage – Helping leaders to play big and thrive by shedding the armour that keeps us playing small.

Activate: Performance Transformation Program

Activate is my customised performance transformation programme for anyone who yearns to explore and grow into more of their potential at work, and in life. Learn more here.

My book “Activate” will be also available in  2020.

Recent Engagements

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