Unpacking The EX-CX Connection

Why Should You Care?

If you are facing any of the following challenges, then understanding the EX-CX connections at play within your organisation (for the purposes of innovating both employee and customer experiences) is a strategic imperative;

  • Shifting workforce demographics… because the Gen Y’s and Millennials joining your workforce have high expectations – they expect to feel valued, to learn, to have flexibility, for their work to have meaning, to have access to consumer grade technology and they also expect your organisations to actually be good (not just say you are good in your annual report)
  • Increasing need for your employees to have great ‘soft’ skills… because most of the ‘soft skills’ that will underpin and sustain your ability to innovate and deliver a great customer experience depend on your employees being inspired and engaged (creativity, empathy, curiosity, resilience, problem solving, teamwork, leadership and adaptability)
  • Complex challenges that require courageous, agile, cross-functional collaboration to solve…. because if you need to deliver high-impact innovation that slices through all the layers of your operating model, you will need to harness your the heads, hearts and guts of your people
  • Mid-level management who are resistant to change… because to dissolve the organisational permafrost that so often suffocates innovation, you need a fresh approach
  • A leadership team that is suffering from chronic busyness and difficulty prioritising… because focusing on eliminating friction from your EX and CX for the moments-that-matter and core value-creating processes provides focus and unification

What Exactly Is the EX-CX Connection?

Leadership, Culture, Employee Experience (EX), Customer Experience (CX) and Brand are all inter-connected components of your organisation’s ecosystem.

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It is impossible to build a great brand or deliver a great customer experience (in a sustainable way) without creating a great experience for your employees

There are many emerging frameworks that explain the core elements of a great Employee Experience.  I tend to use Jacob Morgan’s framework that covers four key domains:

  • Organisation culture (the most important domain)
  • Technology
  • Physical work environment
  • Sense of meaning/purpose in the organisation

Another helpful framework (from Forrester) talks about three components of any experience;

  • Emotion… How did the experience make someone feel?
  • Efficiency… Did the experience deliver what was expected?
  • Ease… How easy (or hard) was it?

The first component in this model (how you make people feel) is the most important component of any experience – because it is what people remember.

There are many ways to create a great employee experience.  Many of the elements of a great employee experience do not rely upon significant investments… but all elements require a strong leadership and a deep belief that you must take care of your people in order for them to take care of your customers.



Harnessing The Power Of A Connected EX-CX Strategy

There is a powerful virtuous cycle that is created when you focus on improving your employee experience with the dual intention of creating a great place to work and providing a great customer experience.