I absolutely love speaking to large groups.

My intention through my keynotes is to awaken and inspire the hearts of others. To do this, I blend the latest science with ancient wisdom and bring it all life through powerful storytelling.

If you want to inspire your people to find the courage to grow themselves to grow others, and grow your business – let’s talk!

We had the privilege of Cassandra presenting at our recent Senior Leadership Forum. Cassandra is an inspiring and passionate leader who is well versed on the challenges and opportunities facing leaders. Her message brings into sharp focus a new way of being required as leaders to effectively navigate this world. Cassandra is more than a thought leader in this space- she is a living and breathing role model for us all. She is real, she is present and her passion is contagious. Cassandras engaging storytelling took us on a journey and in doing so opened us up to new ways of working with personal awareness, connection and wellbeing at the core. Our people continue to talk about this presentation and the learnings and inspiration gained from it. I would highly recommend Cassandra for your next Leadership event.

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Cassandra is an adept storyteller, weaving vulnerability, empathy and courage into a powerful and highly engaging talk. Her ability to combine anecdotes with data made the message clear and relevant, no matter which way your brain operates. I have no hesitation in recommending Cassandra to anyone who’s people could benefit from better understanding that to become great leaders, we must first learn to lead ourselves.


Cassandra delivered a smashing keynote presentation at our annual conference. Vulnerable, impactful and a call to action. Cassandra is a masterful storyteller who manages to connect with everyone in the room.


Cassandra is a prolific figure, thanks to effective executive leadership, a sensitivity for emergent trends and strong business acumen. Her work is used frequently as an example of global best practice.


Cassandra’s keynote was intelligent and insightful, providing an urgent case for businesses to seriously consider how the EX/CX work in tangent, not separate. Would happily hear this talk again, it’s really put everything into perspective for me

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