Cassandra Goodman Consulting - The process of co-creating in the spirit of innovation.
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY - Understanding and addressing both psychosocial hazards and protective factors to ensure you are fulfilling your duty of care to protect employees from psychological injury at work.
  • EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE CO-CREATION - Dissolving friction and frustration to deliver better customer and commercial outcomes by empowering, connecting and enabling employees.
  • THRIVING CULTURE BY DESIGN - Surfacing the norms and unwritten rules that destroy innovation, collaboration, creativity and trust (and drive people crazy) to create a thriving, high-performance organisational culture.
  • USING FEEDBACK TO LEARN -  Mitigating insularity risk by embedding the capability to listen, learn and respond to feedback from employees and customers at scale, to become an adaptive, learning organisation.
  • CONNECTED LEADERSHIP - Embedding the capability to deeply connect with ourselves, with each other and with the customers and communities we serve.