Cassie is an authentic and intuitive coach, advisor and facilitator. The power of Cassie’s approach comes from her extensive real-world leadership experience, the depth and breadth of her toolkit and her refusal to be bound by the dogma of any one discipline. Above all, Cassie cares deeply for those she serves – without reservation or judgement.

Chief People Officer

Cassie is a master at creating and holding space for her clients. This is so rare today in our full and busy lives. This space created an opportunity for me to focus on who I am and who I want to be in my life – both personally and professionally. I often marveled at Cassie’s ability to cultivate this space for me to work through things in such a gentle yet focused way. This space is always free of ego, striving, hustle or expectation. It is truly a space for you to discover your best self.”

Head of People & Development

Receiving coaching from Cassie has been a game changer for me. She is one of the most knowledgeable people I have had the pleasure of working with. Her knowledge and experience combined with her genuine ability to connect with people makes her an ideal coach. The sessions are equally challenging and rewarding and I find myself looking forward to them. Cass has helped me hone in on my “True North” and I am learning how to anchor all I do back to achieving my goals both personally and professionally. It is an absolutely privilege to be coached by her.

OD Manager

Cassie marries an openness to new ideas and experiences with an inherent diligence and integrity, as well as an authentic passion for helping others reach their potential. Cassandra has challenged, coached and helped me to become a better, more effective version of myself and has undoubtedly been the biggest single influence on my career. Cassandra is a rare find and an exceptional talent.


Cassandra is one of the kindest, warm hearted people I have come across. She has made it her mission to enable leaders to create workplaces where people can thrive. Cassandra is able to respectfully challenge people’s assumptions and beliefs to create awareness so that clarity and change can occur. I am forever grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with Cassandra, she has made a huge impact on my life and my well-being.



Cassandra delivered a smashing keynote presentation at our annual conference. Vulnerable, impactful and a call to action. Cassandra is a masterful storyteller who manages to connect with everyone in the room.


Cassie is a gifted employee, customer experience consultant and coach with the ability to inspire, motivate and support her clients to achieve high level strategic objectives associated with business transformation. If you want to be inspired and nurture a growth mind set for your-self, your team and your colleagues. If you want to open the door to truly gain significant traction in your strategic focus areas, If you want to engage with a consultant and coach who will embed themselves as part of your leadership team, someone who authentically cares about you and your team and what you are working towards achieving, who provides guidance and produces the materials and tools to help your organisation succeed then I know that person, her name is; Cassandra Goodman.

Executive Manager People & Culture

What a fantastic session – Cassandra was engaging and motivating in equal parts… Providing practical leadership strategies in the areas of understanding customer feedback, how to take this on board and be brave in learning from the feedback. I would highly recommend Cassandra!


The Self-Leadership Workshop that Cassie designed and delivered for the Leadership Team at AIG was meaningful and thought-provoking. Cassie is a powerful and engaging story teller, and the session encouraged us all to challenge our own limiting beliefs, test managerial courage and explore self-reflection. This was an effective leadership workshop with great feedback from managers, and highly recommended for any organisation. Thank you Cassie, your energy and passion is inspiring!

HR Director

A truly inspiring and powerful leadership session on “Being Courageous”. I heard many, many people say how much your session resonated with them. Your contribution today has made a big impact.

HR Manager

Cassandra is an adept storyteller, weaving vulnerability, empathy and courage into a powerful and highly engaging talk. Her ability to combine anecdotes with data made the message clear and relevant, no matter which way your brain operates. I have no hesitation in recommending Cassandra to anyone who’s people could benefit from better understanding that to become great leaders, we must first learn to lead ourselves.


I was in your session and my 2-up manager came and sat next to me. When you asked us to think about a time when we hadn’t been courageous I took the opportunity (after some deep breaths) to right that wrong and spoke to him as I had intended to 2 years ago. I had struggled to have that conversation based on the Unwritten Ground Rule that giving feedback (good or bad) up the chain was seen to be non-hierarchical. It went really well, and that has been my first step in my courage journey. Thank you.


We had the privilege of Cassandra presenting at our recent Senior Leadership Forum. Cassandra is an inspiring and passionate leader who is well versed on the challenges and opportunities facing leaders. Her message brings into sharp focus a new way of being required as leaders to effectively navigate this world. Cassandra is more than a thought leader in this space- she is a living and breathing role model for us all. She is real, she is present and her passion is contagious. Cassandras engaging storytelling took us on a journey and in doing so opened us up to new ways of working with personal awareness, connection and wellbeing at the core. Our people continue to talk about this presentation and the learnings and inspiration gained from it. I would highly recommend Cassandra for your next Leadership event.


Cassandra is the most driven, passionate and engaging leader I have had the opportunity to work with.  It is so rare to find a leader who fosters the perfect balance of work/life and personal/business outcomes in her team. Cassandra inspired me to realise that anything is possible. 


Cassandra is an unbelievably rare talent. She makes a positive difference wherever she goes. With individuals she lifts their focus onto purpose and at a macro level she fearlessly drives cultures of health and wellbeing for colleagues and customers. She is ‘growth mindset’ personified, with capacity to keep the context of ‘a beginners mind’ despite her extensive commercial acumen. She is one of a handful of people who I use as a shining example of what is possible.  

Dr Amy Silver
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