Cassandra is an inspiring and passionate leader. Her message brings into sharp focus a new way of being required as leaders to effectively navigate this world. Cassandra is more than a thought leader in this space, she is a living and breathing role model for us all. She is real and her passion is contagious.

David Ryan (Managing Director, City West Water)

Cassandra is a prolific figure, thanks to effective executive leadership, a sensitivity for emergent trends and strong business acumen, Her work in the Employee Experience space is the envy of many leaders and is used frequently as an example of global best practice. 

Tom Champion (Forrester)

Cassandra is an unbelievably rare talent. She makes a positive difference wherever she goes. With individuals she lifts their focus onto purpose and at a macro level she fearlessly drives cultures of health and wellbeing for colleagues and customers. She is ‘growth mindset’ personified, with capacity to keep the context of ‘a beginners mind’ despite her extensive commercial acumen. She is one of a handful of people who I use as a shining example of what is possible.  

Dr Amy Silver

Cassandra is the most driven, passionate and engaging leader I have had the opportunity to work with.  It is so rare to find a leader who fosters the perfect balance of work/life and personal/business outcomes in her team. Cassandra inspired me to realise that anything is possible. 

Nikki Aland

Cassandra is one of the kindest, warm hearted people I have come across. She has made it her mission to enable leaders to create workplaces where people can thrive. Cassandra is able to respectfully challenge people’s assumptions and beliefs to create awareness so that clarity and change can occur. I am forever grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with Cassandra, she has made a huge impact on my life and my well-being.

Mia Elliott

Cassandra marries this openness to new ideas and experiences with an inherent diligence and integrity, as well as an authentic passion for helping others reach their own potential. Cassandra has challenged, coached and helped me to become a better, more effective version of myself and has undoubtedly been the biggest single influence on my career. Cassandra is a rare find and an exceptional talent.

Tom Caley
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