About Me

IMG_3129I was born in 1975 in Sydney, Australia.

Throughout my formative years, my dad worked for the government. Dad suffered terribly at work at the hands of managers who abused their power. His suffering had a profound impact on me – it is the ‘why’ behind my quest to create more human flourishing in the workplace.

I have spent over 20 years working in various organisations in Australia and overseas. Whilst my career started in the manufacturing industry, my love of new challenges has opened up wonderful leadership opportunities across a range of industries including; Manufacturing, Financial Services, Utilities, Health & Care.

With the benefit of hindsight, I now understand that for the first 15 years of my career I felt propelled by a force that was beyond my control – a need to strive, to achieve and to constantly prove myself.  I was recognised as ‘top talent’, winning awards and being promoted – but I felt like I was on a roller-coaster ride.  Deep down I just wanted to get off… but I did not know how.

At a certain moment in my late 30’s it became clear to me that this way of being was not sustainable – and was incompatible with thriving.

Since this realisation,  I have been cultivating and sharing mindful, sustainable ways of being and working. I have learnt to de-couple my sense of worth from my professional status and achievements. I have learnt to hold things more lightly – whist still maintaining my passion to make a real difference.

My quest to better understand my monkey mind has provided me with some wonderful experiences. I have done headstands at dawn, chanted in an Ashram, done ancient shaman meditations for each chamber of my heart, run marathons, conquered my fear of open water swimming through triathlons, raised a family, listened to the Dali Lama, attended retreats, courses, read hundreds of books and cultivated a personal mindfulness practice.

In 2017 I participated in a Women’s Leadership Retreat. It was a pivotal experience for me.  Based on this experience, I formed a hypothesis that many successful leaders who rise to the top of their profession are driven by high achiever attributes and are propelled by a hidden darkness – feelings of low self-worth. I realised that feelings of low self-worth are common and that these hidden feelings create many dangerous self-limiting beliefs such as “In order to succeed, I must suffer” , “I am not worthy of thriving” “I have to have all the answers” or “I have to be in control“.

These beliefs create very unhelpful behaviours – controlling behaviours and fear-based responses to difficult circumstances. These behaviours make your team and your colleagues feel like task deliverers instead if value makers. These behaviours undermine our ability to thrive individually and collectively.

Given the complexity of the challenges we face today, we need to sense and learn our way through challenges (rather than plan and execute). We need to inspire and engage in order to harness the wisdom of the collective (versus cascade the directives of most highly paid). We need to listen, learn and respond.

Today I am passionate about playing a role in helping other people make sense of their own self-limiting beliefs and to support people – and organisations – to thrive and reach their full potential.

A paradigm shift is happening in corporate Australia. Leaders are realising that they must take greater responsibility for the people in their care. It is our responsibility as leaders to nurture and support thriving people, organisations and communities.  We must thrive in order to harness our full potential (head, heart & guts) and work together to solve the wicked problems of our times.

I created this site to collect and share ideas and stories that explore the power of thriving.

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