We are Value Creators

I recently had a great walking catchup with a trusted colleague. I shared with her a challenge I have been struggling with. She listened and shared a few insights that painted an alternative perspective – instantly filling me with optimism. It was an incredibly valuable conversation. It unlocked the resilience I need to keep working on the challenge and the mindset I need to solve it.

This experience got me thinking about the many ways we each create value within the systems in which we operate…and how this value extends far beyond delivering on the responsibilities contained in our job descriptions.

When we are engaged and inspired at work, when there is trust and when we are given the freedom to harness our strengths – the total value we can each create is enormous.

Much of this value is hard to measure – it may never appear on an agile board, as a ticked “to-do” or on a project plan – but I would argue that it’s cumulative value may exceed the outputs of ‘doing your job’.

When we create the culture and mindset required to see each other as value creators we unlock our full potential.

Great leaders inspire us to keep on doing wonderful, creative, valuable, immeasurable things that extend far beyond the narrow construct of ‘doing our jobs’.



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