A New Dawn

light shine

I am encountering more and more senior executives across a range of industries who are starting to appreciate the connectedness of Customer Experience and Employee Experience.

Here are some of snippers from the recent events I have attended, or posts that I have read that fill me with hope:

`We knew that if we nailed EX, our CX would improve` (Carsales.com)

“Employee Experience is a real thing. We must find better ways to better enable employees to do their job” (KPMG)

“If we take care of our people, they take care of our guests and business takes care of itself” (The Clubhouse)

“Your customer experience will never be higher that your employee experience – full stop. In this world of CX, if you don’t have a EX strategy, you are just not going to win.” (Optus)

“If your employees are not engaged, you will not be able to deliver a good CX. All the efforts you have invested into understanding and improving CX must also be applied to EX. Your employees determine the quality of your CX” (Forrester)

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