I asked the fabulous folks in my “tribe” to share personal stories about the things that help them to thrive and reach their full potential. Here is what the wonderful Dr Amy Silver wanted to share with you. You can connect with Amy here.

amy image

When I first left home and went to University, the picture Golconda by Rene Magritte was the first picture on my wall and it has been part of my life since. It signifies everything that I don’t want to be part of and is a very easy meme for me to access what I do want. I want freedom and choice and I want to do it in a way that is surrounded by people who are thinking and acting differently, moving in different directions, along different paths.

As a student it was a way to be anarchic, but even now it reminds me to stand up for what I believe and to not conform to the dominant default. To me this picture represents automatic behaviours, conformity, sameness and lack of fun or spirit and more importantly I see lives that end with regret.

In my head, as with all fabulous art it gets superimposed with my lens. When I look at it I want to bring in colour, playfulness and spirit, the antithesis of the subjects in the picture.

In my head, there is a plump woman floating up from the bottom up through to the sky, weaving joyously between the static men. She is wearing a red belted two piece suit, with flowers in her hat, with frizzy hair flowing beneath, rosy weathered cheeks and a big beautiful smile laughing loudly. I want to be that woman when I grow up, I want to be the one showing the men in the picture how to fly, living a full and fun life.

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