What Is Connected Leadership and why does it matter?

My personal purpose is to support people to thrive and reach their full potential.

I believe that we must thrive in order to unleash the creativity (head), compassion (heart) and courage (gut) required to work together to navigate the complex challenges of our times.

Feeling connected is key to thriving. The concept of Connected Leadership acts as a “north star” for leading through the challenges of the current business climate, with the forces of volatility, uncertainty, complexity & ambiguity compounding and accelerating.

A Connected Leader is someone who has a strong connection to themselves, a strong connection to others and a strong connection to “the bigger picture”.

My understanding of Connected Leadership is continually evolving. The intention of this blog is to unpack the concept by exploring how others interpret it.

Here is my current expanded working definition of Connected Leadership, that builds on the work of Harold Jarche.

Connected leaders operate from a strong connection to self, a connection to others and a connection to the “bigger picture”. They are critical thinkers and highly curious. They are continually seeking, sensing, sharing, listening and scanning the horizon. They are systems thinkers. They have a high level of self-awareness and are clear on their “why”, their values and strengths. They work and learn out loud. Connected leaders recognise patterns to making better decisions. Connected leaders use compassion, empathy, transparency and trust to influence networked people. Connected leaders build and nurture their tribes. They hold space instead of taking up space. They harness and combine their head, heart and gut intelligence and are in touch with their intuition. They are connected with their bodies and nurture their wellbeing. Connected leaders feel comfortable dealing with ambiguity and complexity.

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